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Updated: Oct 2, 2020

“You And Me” by Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady is one of those faces that is known by the public eye by his humor, namely because of the show “Whose Line Is It Anyways?” and other comedic productions. He is funny, and yet he is able to be serious, and even sensitive. In 2008, Brady released the song You and Me, just two years after his second divorce, but this time there was a child involved, Maile Masako. The lyrics of this song are a reflection of what he has felt during the separation this time, focusing mainly on his connection to his daughter. He told his story through song, in the way he wanted to tell it. Sas Movie Studios provides the way to do this; we want to help you express yourself.

Everyone has that side to them, and it is a good thing when someone chooses to express that side of themselves, and of course music, film, photography, and other artistic methods are a great way to do this. Sas Movie Studios is here to support that method of expression. We want you to be yourself, and express your sentiment, idea, or thought exactly as you want to, to use your voice. We can provide the equipment if that is what you need, the location, anything you need to tell your story. SAS Rentals can provide you with all that you need to accomplish this the way you want to, whether it is the correct lighting to express a certain mood or a specific angle high up. We can even make it rain for you! Sas Studios has your back for all of your creative production needs.

“You And Me” by Wayne Brady

In the video of You and Me” there are many angles shown. Every angle, every scene, expresses something different, and Brady was able to express that feeling of love for his daughter in the midst of what seems like a sad occasion: “We'll still be a family even if there's no you and me.” There are times in the video when we are zoomed in solely on Wayne Brady, following his movements; we are called to remember it is his story, but there’s also a sense of loneliness here as he’s the only one in view, and so the lighting is darker here. Sas rentals has the lift and cameras you need to achieve this as well. Other times, such as when they are dancing, it is dark, yet the lighting also adds brightness, at this point we are focused on the couple. There’s a sense of togetherness, yet apart, as the actual dancing moves show as well. The camera zooms in and out, and we see the love that was once shared, but we know now is at a different stage in life. Once again, Sas Rentals knows exactly what you need to express the feelings you want to within your production as well. Those viewing your work will see and feel the exact effect that you want. Then, there are the scenes in which his daughter is present, full of light, expressing the happiness that there is still to be felt through her. Our led panels and Arri lights are perfect to achieve any effect you need. Whatever your production necessity is Sas Movie Studios is here for you!

Everyone was touched by Wayne Brady’s song, and his story as a rising star, like many others, such as Chris Brown’s is inspiring. His start was actually at the Walt Disney World Resort, playing Tigger. A role in which it is not your own voice, or even face that people see; he was in obscurity and suddenly he rose to fame as a comedian, actor, and even singer. Many artists feel that way now as they release their creative content into the web and yet they are not receiving the amount of fame that they would like, but Sas Movie Studios is here to give you the tools and support you need to rise above, and exit the obscurity.

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