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"Look At Me Now" Chris Brown, Behind the Scenes

Look At Us Now

“Look At Me Now,” a song that charted as number six in the top ten in 2011. One of his many songs that ended up in the top ten, but also one of his catchiest. It started off the decade in 2011, coming out right at midnight on the first day of the year, January 1, 2011. The song itself came at a turning point in his career, and if we look at Chris Brown now, in 2020, he is still making music. His career is one that has inspired many new up and coming artists, a trend that is only getting stronger, and SAS Studios has got them covered for any needs they may have.

"Look At Me Now" Chris Brown, Behind the Scenes

The set location required for the video, the props, everything was perfect. Sas Studios provides whatever is needed to make a great production. Chris Brown wanted it to have an old school rap, even though he didn’t really consider himself a rapper, and kind of 90’s feel to it, and that’s exactly what happened. SAS Studios always delivers! The graffiti, art, the atmosphere were all a part of what he wanted for this video in order to provide the perfect atmosphere in his video, one that he described as abstract.

"Look At Me Now" Chris Brown, Behind the Scenes

Of course, to have this kind of effect there’s also different equipment necessary, to get the angles necessary, the lighting, everything together to make the video perfect, any production. For those higher angles you need a boom lift, different types of lights, sound equipment, and even fuel for some of the equipment. In the “Look At Me Now” music video, there was at least one telescopic boom lift, a few Skypanel lights, and sound carts. Many people don’t even think about all of this stuff, but SAS Rentals has it all. Considered a one-stop-shop: production, production equipment, movie studio. Anything an artist needs, just like in Chris Brown’s video “Look At Me Now.”

"Look At Me Now" Chris Brown, Behind the Scenes

Chris Brown started off at age sixteen, or at least that’s when his first single came out, “Run It!” So many young rappers and artists are now trying to get their start at that age or sometimes younger, Chris Brown is a part of what started that wave. That single came out in 2005 and in 2006 he was already at the Grammy awards! Many of these new artists struggle to come out because of a lack of location, equipment, or company to back them up, but SAS Studios is here for them. We believe in their talent.

All artists have their troubles, everyone has their obstacles to overcome, inner issues to deal with, which they will overcome, which is what makes the song “Look At Me Now” so relatable at parts. Sas Studios is no stranger to this, and wants to help new artists, rappers, musicians overcome, and come out on top. Chris Brown, more than ten years later is still releasing songs. Look at me now he once said through music, and that is what Sas Studios is saying as well. Come check us out and see what SAS Studios can offer you.


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