Behind The Scenes of Angels And Demons


In the movie, Angels and Demons, there are two strong forces battling against each other. The question is: which group is the angels and which group is the demons? Angels and demons, two beings that seem like complete opposites, but have a similar foundation. They both used to be angels at one point, and some might argue that demons are still angels, but fallen. In Judeo-Christian culture, the belief is that God, also known as YHVH, has an army, but one-third of that army once rebelled against Him and so He kicked them out of Heaven. That third is what are now considered demons, evil. This movie tackles some of the biggest controversies in life, namely the ties or separations between science and religion. It asks questions, and sparks a conversation.

Throughout the movie there are attacks on men who are a part of the Catholic clergy. Meanwhile, a scientific element called antimatter that was under the watchful eye of a Father and a physicist has been stolen, the father murdered. A man named Robert Langdon, who is played by Tom Hanks, is called to investigate. The murders are blamed on the Illuminati, and believe it to be an attack against religion. By the end of the movie it has seen that that is not exactly the case, but one of their own who has been trying to frame the Illuminati. So who were the angels and who were the demons in this case? Everyone has questions they want to ask; what is your question? Perhaps, it’s more than one? Sas Movie Studios can help you pose your inquiry to the world through any creative method you want to use, whether it’s a film, public service announcement, music video, or even a photo shoot.

The movie, based on the book with the same name Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown, uses different symbols throughout the movies to express the relationship between the religious Catholic group and the science based Illuminati. One of the main symbols is antimatter, a scientific element that gets stolen in the beginning of the movie. It is something that is matter, and yet it is not at the same time. It is a grey area, just like the movie explores the grey area between science and religion. The movie sparked a conversation in the audience. I am sure you have a message to tell the world as well, or at least something that will get people thinking. SAS Rentals has all that you need to convey what you want or need to say to the public.


Angels and Demons is originally a book, and it turned into a film. While reading a book a person gets a certain image in their head about how everything looks, envisioning everything as it happens. In the prologue of the book it states, “The intruder pressed down again, grinding the white hot object deeper into Vetra's chest. There was the hiss of broiling flesh.” How is the intruder dressed, the book describes it only as a “dark figure,” but the imagination has already depicted how dark, is it shadowy? How tall? If so, what color did you imagine the room in which this is happening? How is the figure holding “the white hot object” in their hands, perhaps you imagined some type of pliers, gloves with the figure’s fingers wrapping around the object. Was the flesh bleeding as this happened, or did it bubble? The mind puts every detail together in your head; it’s your imagination. The person who had the initial idea of turning this book into a movie was able to see their exact imagination come to life. What is inside your mind that you would like to share with the world? Is it a book you read that you believe deserves to be seen and heard? Or something else? SAS Movie Studios wants to help you bring that out into the world where it belongs.

Bringing a book to life requires more than imagination though. Just like in any production, equipment is required, locations, and sets, equipment to make the sets, and Sas Rentals is here to provide you with all of it. The green screens that can be used for most anything need set walls for you to put them on, which we have. The ability to monitor the correct timing, positioning, and sound to connect with the green screen is not just mental, an all-in-one D.I.T. station and a sound cart would be necessary to help your production go smoothly. In other cases, when location is not available to give the background needed, then one needs to make the set, this can require boom lifts, man lifts, or scissor lifts to help you put everything together, but we can also provide a pre-made set, already available for what you need. Just let us know and we can put it together. Just like Angels and Demons went from vision to reality, Sas movie studios is here to help make your vision become a reality.


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