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Star Trek: The Next Generation

Patrick Stewart, mainly known for his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the Star Trek series, is someone that decided to act boldly when he decided to go into film. Originally, Stewart worked in theater, and did so since he was about twelve years old. Performing in different playhouses around England, and fifteen years later he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company. He even performed in Broadway theater in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. One day, he took the leap and joined Star Trek: The Next Generation as a major character in the series; he acted boldly and said “As the captain, I was going to be having the dominant role in most of the episodes, and that was appealing. I wasn't interested in coming to Hollywood to sit around.” Sas Movie Studios is always here to help anyone that is trying to make a similar jump and try something new. 

Patrick Stewart tried something new when going from theater work to the big screen. He dared to go someplace new. He tried something different and it worked. His role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard lasted seven seasons, but Stewart’s personal acting trek did not end there. It was merely the beginning of what else he could do. He went all in, and Sas Movies Studios wants to help you do the same. As Stewart’s character, Jean-Luc Picard once said, “If we’re going to be damned, let’s be damned for what we really are.” Let’s go all in without holding back.

What is Star Trek though, or for those that already love Star Trek, how can we possibly define Star Trek in just a few sentences? It has thirteen live-action movies and seven television series, but what are they based on? The franchise seems to be simple. Each series or movie is based on a specific

"Long Live and Prosper"

ship and its crew, but also focuses on its role within the galaxy. It is a world of fantasy, a world of science fiction, that was so carefully constructed that everyone who watches gets transported there. That is not the main thing about the franchise though; the original creator used this medium of story-telling, science fiction, in order to address social issues of the time. Embedded within the stories of Star Trek are also motivational, inspirational, plot lines that have helped their viewers understand, or at least enter dialogue about the issues of the time.

Everyone has a voice, and everyone has something to say about what is going on in the world. It is all about finding a way to do it, and whatever it is that you use, whether it is science fiction or something else, Sas movie studios is here to help you. The social issues are always changing and adapting, and so there have been new Star Trek movies and series because of that. In 2009, another Star Trek came out, The Future Begins, with a different cast than the one before, but the franchise still managed to accomplish what it always did. It used a science fiction world, set in the future, to speak about social issues that exist within our present world. This film went into Spock’s backstory, delving into the fact that he is both Vulcan and a human, torn between two worlds. It shows how those from different parts of his background reject and tear him further, but also how it affects him later in his life. There are many who can relate to this. Of course, this is all embedded into a fun film that deals with issues within the timeline and the different quadrants of the galaxy. The film, and the franchise as a whole, transports you to a whole different world, but one that required present-time equipment to make it come to life. Sas rentals has all that you need to make it happen.

In Star Trek: The Future Begins, there were many pieces of equipment used in order to create this new world. Even to use the camera there are things such as dollies, and even dolly tracks laid out in order to keep a steady hand. This allows the viewers’ gaze to stay transported in the scene in front of them, within the belief that in that moment they are a part of that world. If the camera were to shake then that illusion would be gone. Sas rentals is here to provide with what you need to get the effect you need. One only sees the world shown through Star Trek, and in other films, but there is equipment needed in order to accomplish such a thing. What world is it that you want to create? The production will show what you want it to be, and that’s all the audience will see, as Patrick Stewart once said, “During the course of the seven years I played scenes with an oil slick, I played a scene with a grain of rice. Sometimes with indescribable creatures. I remember having a conversation with something which was simply a smell.” Patrick Stewart reminds us that we need worldy things to create this outer worldly production. Sas Rentals has everything you need to create your own, including a location that you can change to look how you imagine it. Star Trek was filmed somewhere here on Earth, not in space, and yet it doesn’t feel like it whatsoever. SAS Rentals has all that you need to make that new world, to transport your audience.

When Star Trek first started it was accomplishing something new, it was accomplishing one of their main mottos: “To go boldly where no man has gone before.” Whatever it is that you want to do SAS movie studios has your back. We’ll help you with that new project, that new venture, or new sound to have others discover what you know you have to offer. Sas Rentals is here to provide you with what you need to accomplish this, and get your voice out there, your vision.


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