SAS Rentals - Honda Generators Vs Champion Generators

SAS Rentals is a leader in the Portable Generator and Towable Generators arena, we know our generators inside and out (LITERALLY) and can build them from ground up.. with that in mind here is why we choose Champion Generators Over The Competition.

Champion Generators And Specs

– Only 58 Dba, great for campsites, cabins, tailgating and more Lightweight Projects

– Only 80 lbs. with built in wheels and fold away handles Featuring Inverter Technology

– Economy Mode Engine automatically idles lower when electrical load reduced, saving fuel and engine wear operates for 8 hours on full tank of gas at 25% load

- Duel Fuel Opportunities offers many options for our clients which is super convenient for any uses while powering the generator such as grills or other propane based equipment.

Honda Vs Champion

- The Honda Generators Run Around 88 Pounds The Champion Duel Fuel 3Kw Is 78 Pounds

- The Honda Generators Run At 65DB While The Champion Duel Fuel 3Kw Max's At 58DB

- The Honda Generators Runs 7 Hours At 25% Power While The Champion Duel Fuel 3kw Is 8 Hours Of Power At 25% Power (The Little Things Matter At The End Of The Day When Renting)

Wrap Up

In Comparison SAS Rentals loves these generators they are practical and environmentally sound when a client needs a generator they don't want to mess with a bunch of knobs and twist and turns Champion is simple Start and plug in SAS Rentals Locked Champion Generators In And This Champion Duel Fuel 3kw Generator Is efficient and reliable for most uses take a look now!

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Champion Generators We Offer

3000 Watt Generator (Super Quiet)

6000 Watt Generator (Remote Controlled)

9000 Watt Generator (Most Rented Version)

11000 Watt Generator

15000 Watt Generator

SAS Rentals Generator Link

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