White Cyclorama Wall Rental

What the white cyc is and how it can be used

SAS Movie Studios and SAS  Rentals offers several different set options to rent out. One of these options is the infamous white cyclorama.

An Overview

A white cyclorama, otherwise known as a white cyc, is a completely white curved wall that is designed to give off the impressive that there is unlimited space. The corners of the wall are called "coves" and are used to connect the intersections of wall and wall or wall and floor, with the intention of making it impossible to tell where one stops and the other begins. White cyc's are commonly used in commercials, especially car commercials. Utilizing the curved wall is an easy way to draw the audience's attention to the product being sold in an elegant and visually appealing way.

There are endless options for how to use the seemingly endless wall. The white background can be used to make things pop, direct attention, and play with lighting.


Photographers choose to use the cyc wall for the lighting possibilities. Because the background "disappears", it's relatively easy to move lighting and create interesting shadows and images. The white cyc makes an object in front of it look clean and polished. There's no clutter or distractions to take away from the main focus point.

Television and Film

The cyc wall can also be used for various entertainment and news segments. For example, dancers in front of a cyc wall will create the illusion that they are in a vast white space. This is a popular option for commercials/ads as well as social media content, especially with platforms such as TikTok becoming increasingly popular.

Other examples include car commercials, mentioned previously, and videos where an individual speaking is the sole focus, as is the case of newscasts and other reporter-type video ads/ announcements.

Virtual Reality

As technology evolves, virtual reality is being used more and more in productions, particularly virtual sets. Computers can produce virtual backgrounds and special effects that give off the same look as if it were the real thing. When filming with the intention of using virtual editing/backgrounds later on, it's very important that the background of the shot appears seamless. Any visible corners or shadowing can negatively impact the look of the final product. Generally these rules apply to blue or green screens, but the white cyc is the same concept. Filming using it will allow for more options in post.

Wrap Up

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