New Gasoline Division Merger

Premium Fuel Delivery Service

Once again, SAS Movie Studios not only satisfies all film production needs, but now SAS Rentals can also beat any fueling and refueling prices with our new Fuel Delivery Service! Our new premium “Top of the Line” economy fuel is perfect for generators, special events, or any film production job in Los Angeles, including other surrounding cities in our Southern California family!

An Overview

One of the most common problems that film producers face is having to fuel and refuel countless times during the production process. On average, generators such as a 1400 AMP Generator need to be refueled about 4 times in a month, so it is a hassle when you are buying your fuel from one location, and yet your fuel-powered equipment is from another.

Thankfully, SAS is now offering gas directly to the consumer, removing that hassle. The new SAS Fuel Division makes it so much easier for consumers to shop for film production equipment by providing fuel tanks, fuel storage tanks, gas cans, and a full-service crew, solidifying its position as a true premium one-stop-shop!

Fuel Delivery Order Process

  • Select between diesel and gasoline

  • Select the amount of fuel needed

  • Select the quantity needed

And Most Importantly...

  • Save Time And Money

SAS Rentals has 2 delivery service options, on-site generator or fuel tank delivery dropped on site. We deliver any size fuel straight to our customers at an affordable price.

New Fuel Division: Rental Equipment

Our cost-effective Fuel Delivery Service makes using on-site generators and fuel tanks much more efficient by enabling us to fuel and refuel them in a short period of time.

SAS Rentals is already a leader in production equipment offering top of the line Boom lifts, Generators, Grip Trucks, and much more. We know how to choose the most effective and safest equipment that is perfect for any situation around an office building or production studio.

On top of that, now we are able to provide a top of the line fuel delivery service that will optimize how consumers select from our premium equipment options that will best help them accomplish their objective.

Not only is it important to have premium equipment when creating amazing content, but it is just as important to make sure the equipment can be refueled in the shortest amount of time possible. Time is valuable. Our fuel delivery service will decrease the amount of time wasted when fueling and refueling important equipment in film production, saving time and money.

Consider It

If you are thinking about starting a large scale production and require fuel powered equipment, then you would benefit greatly from our new fuel division. Our fuel delivery service will keep all the equipment you need running smoothly. Not only do we provide all the equipment you will need, such as our “Top of the Line” boom lifts, generators, and grip trucks, but now we also provide the fuel. You will no longer have to make last minute trips to get fuel and waste valuable production time because we will make the trip and deliver to you in no time!

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