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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

1930ES JLG (19 Ft) and 2632ES JLG (26 Ft)

SAS Rentals is a leader in production equipment, especially scissor lifts. We know how to choose the more effective and safest lifts for use around the office building, household, or production studio.

JLG is an equipment company with trusted scissor lifts for production purposes, among other uses. Their ES line of production scissor lifts is one that SAS Movie Studios believes is worth the investment. Here's why we recommend choosing the 1930ES JLG Scissor Lift or the 2632ES JLG Scissor Lift for your next project.

1930ES JLG Lift Features

-- Platform Height: 18 ft 9 in.

-- Machine Width: 2 ft 6 in.

-- 20 second lift time and 30 second lower time

-- 0.5 mph drive speed with platform elevated

-- 3 mph drive speed with platform lowered

-- 3320 lb operating weight

-- 5.7 ft turning radius

-- 4 in. ground clearance

2632ES JLG Lift Features

-- Platform Height: 25 ft 6 in.

-- Machine Width: 2 ft 8 in.

-- 33 second lift time and 37 second lower time

-- 0.5 mph drive speed with platform elevated

-- 2.8 mph drive speed with platform lowered

-- 4635 lb operating weight

-- 6 ft 9 in. turning radius

-- 4 in. ground clearance

Features of both Lifts

JLG's ES line of scissor lifts are designed with size in mind. The narrow width of both models that SAS Movie Studio Rentals offers allows users to easily bring the machine through strandard doorways or down tight aisles.

The electric drive system implemented in both the 1930ES model and 2632ES model has batteries linked to motors on the wheels. This allows for power efficiency leading to better operation and battery life. These units also function well in cold weather due to a reduced amount of hydraulic oil needed, allowing the system to start up easier in the cold.

Both the 19ft and 26ft model machines have only 2 hydraulic hoses and 4 hydraulic fittings. In general, the reduced amount of hydraulics in comparison to other scissor lifts allows for more efficient machines. Higher efficiency is shown in longer operation times and reduced maintenance calls. This also means a higher price. However, due to less leak points, service, and replacement parts needed in the products life time, the choice to use one of these lifts ends up being worth the money over time.

Common Uses For Scissor Lifts

-- Production Sets

-- Plumbing/ Electrical/ Industrial Work

-- Stadiums

-- Painting

-- Construction

-- Any application requiring vertical work

Scissor Lifts Vs Traditional Ladders

-- Safety. Scissor Lifts are safer than ladders because they provide a more protective design that drastically eliminates the risk of workplace accidents or injuries.

-- Flexibility. Not only can scissor lifts reach taller heights in a safer and quicker manner than ladders, but they can accommodate more people. Most platforms can accommodate at least 2 people, if not more.

-- Time. Moving a ladder or adjusting the height requires going up and down, something that takes time. Scissor lifts are easier to reposition.

-- Equipment. Scissor lifts are ideal for situations where equipment needs to be lifted up to higher spaces, something that isn't possible using a ladder.

Wrap Up

JLG's ES Series electic scissor lifts provide customers with a sustainable option for any elevated platform need. Not only are the 1930ES and 2632ES models quieter than other lift machines, they are more efficient. Users will benefit from the practicality and increased safety of using one of these scissor lifts rather than a ladder.

SAS Movie Studio Rentals offers these 2 different scissor lifts for rent, both in black, a preferred color choice when lifts are needed on set.

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