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Updated: May 20

SAS is introducing their new truck division for all moving and transportation needs locally in Los Angeles and cross country relocation


- LOCAL MOVING and OUT OF STATE MOVING: Any moving within California state and out of California is available.

- SPECIALIZED MOVING: Residence, Business relocation, Company relocation moving options with all available transportation trucking needs.

- VEHICLE AND EQUIPMENT TRANSPORTATION: Our qualified movers will help move multiple cars and any large pieces of equipment for there moving to their relocation.

- SHORT TERM STORAGE: Not enough room in your new destination for all your things? We offer storage for a short term or long term storage in many states for your needs.

Why is SAS Moving Companies one of the largest new moving Companies in Los Angeles.

SAS Moving Companies new fleet of trucks have many types of specialized trucking for any moving needs across the Usa. No matter what your moving needs are SAS has you covered with any of your relocation needs.

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