SASMovieStudio x Cross Cargo Building Our Production Rigs

Movie Studio Production Trailers with SAS Rentals is a leader in the Production Trailer arena, we know our Portable Offices inside and out and can build them from ground up.. with that in mind here is why we choose Cross Cargo Custom Trailers.

SAS Movies Building of Our Portable Offices

Production Trailers And Your Options

- Portable Offices: on-site trailers for productions with desk spaces And printers (and wifi)

- Portable Bathrooms: nobody likes sticky porto's we have clean and developed bathrooms with shower options or multi-stall male and female stations with on-site clean water/waste

- Transport Trailers: closed or open: We offer trailers for transporting equipment or vehicles

- Security Trailers: After setting up your cameras and loading with your security practices these trailers are perfect for protecting your equipment or facility on-site while staying warm over night.

Why Our Trailers are the best in the industry.

Building custom trailers are a talent and speciality we are known for, Cross Cargo our sub company has been designing creating and selling these beautiful trailers to customers for a long time currently developing conversions for trailers and vehicles the building game is far from a new project for us. Sas movie studio And SAS Rentals rents these vehicles and trailers to productions, events or even everyday renters such as you, please look at our gallery and then see which option best fits your needs.

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Cross Cargo Designs And Builds Developed By SAS Movies Tennessee Div

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