shipping & returns

Delivery policy

In Los Angeles We Charge $100 Drop Off And $100 Dollar Pickup Fee's

(When in a timeframe of 10am to 6pm) ( In Los Angeles) 


Outside Timeframe: $25 A Hour Before Or After Set Time

Outside Los Angeles: TBD Based On City And Time Of Delivery Or Pickup

return policy

Our ordering system requires clients to pay for the equipment before delivery. With that in mind the client may cancel there job or be unable to perform there job because of any act of god. With that in mind here is our policy.


A - (before 24 hours Of Delivery) A full refund can be processed based on that reasoning for cancelation


B - (Within 24 Hours Of Delivery) A half refund will be processed as the equipment has already been pulled and set aside in a truck to be delivered to that client. 


C - (Post Delivery) Depending on the reason its either a 25% refund or full refund but the delivery and pickup fee will be charged regardless (the equipment was delivered and picked up)

payment methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
- Bank Transfers / Credit Auth

- Offline Payments - Cash / Checks

customer care

Our clients are always happy with there rentals and it shows we have glowing reviews on Google we love the community we service and were always interested in helping smaller production company's grow with a featured film movie studio backing there projects..

24/7 Delivery

We needed a scissor lift for a shoot and SAS delivered it the morning of and picked it up at the end of the day. It was perfect! They have so many production supplies and resources. My partner Laura and I highly recommend them!